November 30, 2020

Steps to Master a Cover Letter

“Your cover letter is your chance to showcase your unique skills to the company and help you to get an interview. You can showcase a clear link between your knowledge, experience, and abilities to meet the key requirement of the job description.  Select the right type of cover letter: you need to know when to choose between a traditional cover letter when you are applying for an open job position, or a interested letter when you are asking about the possibility of job opening in the company.”

Let’s write down an amazing Cover Letter,

  1.  Write a custom cover letter for each job: customize your cover letter to each job you apply, to increase the chances to get the job and to demonstrate to the hiring manager your interest in the specific position and company.
  2.  Be clear on your goal: the cover letter will not get you a job but will get you an interview.
  3.  Find the right contact person: when comes to cover letter, spending some time to find the right person to address is particularly important. Getting personal and addressing it to the right person increase your chances to get the job.
  4.  Go beyond your resume: provide specify evidence of what you can bring to the company with real life examples. Bring 2 or 3 skills to highlight then offer real life
    examples of when you demonstrated those skills.
  5.  Don’t be generic: read the job position to inspire yourself to tailor a cover letter that will present yourself and your skills according with what the company is looking for.
  6.  Say why you want to join the company: show the company that you have done your homework, it will also help you to figure out why you want to do for that company and if you actually want to work for them.
  7.  Present what you would bring as an individual: Why would they hire you? Among all the other candidates, what make you different and more valuable? You must explain your differentials and how the company can benefit having you as a employer.
  8.  Investigate how you could help them prior to contact: this shows pro-activeness to the company, it would make you stand out as there are probably few candidates who take the time and effort to do that.
  9.  Follow the instructions in the job advertisement: make sure you have selected the right format before you submit your cover letter. Most of the employers ask the candidates to submit their applications in a specific way such as Microsoft World or PDF file, make sure you follow these guidelines.

You are now ready to master that Cover Letter! 

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