March 1, 2021

Employability – Australian Construction Industry

The construction industry encompasses a wide range of professions. From labourers to Carpenters, Painters, Tilers, Engineers and Project Managers among many others.

With an increased tendency of people moving to regional areas and smaller cities, the impact in the construction industry is directly proportional. The exciting news is that within the following 3 years, this industry is expected to grow by 9.7%. 

International Students and temporary residents are often found working in this industry, where casual positions, sub contract and temporary jobs are a much common thing.  To be able to start working in the construction industry, there are some requirements all job seekers must comply with.

While the construction industry in the whole country is expected to keep growing, there are two main sectors expected to overcome the average: Non-residential construction is expected to show a stronger raise (12.5%) and the Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction sector (14.4 %).

In South Australia the expected growth is 9.5% average but 11.7% in Greater Adelaide. Which is above the national expected growth.

In order to engage with the Construction industry, many international students decide to enrol in Trade courses registered in CRICOS. With this, international students are able to become skilled in a particular trade, to network, get involved in mandatory workplaces that could provide the opportunity to be further employed and at the same time get their skills recognized in order to be eligible to apply for a Graduate Visa.

IMPORTANT! Prior to undertaking construction work in Australia, it is mandatory to complete a work health and safety training. This, is a mandatory training that will end up on a online examination which, if passed positively, will provide the student with a WHITE CARD.

As a Student Visa (500) holder, it is your obligation to meet all visa conditions and follow Australian laws. Any course undertaken by a student visa holder must be registered on CRICOS.

At Expert Education and Visa Services Adelaide we can help you enrol in a valid 1 day White Card examination and get ready to start working in the Construction industry.

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