December 7, 2020

How to get a job in Hospitality Industry without Experience

Hospitality industry is the most popular industry for international students to find work. When you work with hospitality you will be expose to a local fast past environment, local customers, and local culture. Hospitality offers plenty of jobs and flexible working hours what is perfect for international students.

But How can you get a job in hospitality if you have no experience in this field?

We have prepared a few tips that will help you to get a job despite your lack of experience.

Look into courses and certificates for hospitality

There are lots of Universities and Colleges that specialize in Hospitality degrees and short courses.
An RSA course, for example, increase your chances to get a job in a bar as it is mandatory to have the RSA certificate to serve alcohol in Australia.

With Expert Adelaide you can enrol in a free barista course, which is the first step to help you warranty a position in a café or restaurant. Looking into YouTube videos and online training for hospitality will also help you to have a better idea about what skills the employers are looking for when hiring and interviewing.

Networking can help you to find a job. Most of the time is about who you know!

Always try to get to know as many people as possible, ask about their interests and what they do for work. If you meet someone who owns, manages or work in a restaurant this person might be willing to refer or hire you. When securing a job through a referral always make sure you show up in time and give your best at your new job.

Start from the bottom

When you are applying for a job in hospitality, and you have no  experience in that field make sure you apply for an entry level position. Do not expected to get a manager position straight away because you have management experience in a different field. Starting low is not an ideal scenario for many applying for a job in hospitality, but it is vital for building a career, understanding the work dynamics, and getting to know better your workmates and your workplace.

Sell Yourself

Even if you have no experience you must sell yourself to your employer. Show what can you bring to the table, and how you can apply the skills you have in hospitality. For example, if you were working in an office with different customers or clients in your last job, explain in your interview how you acquired and applied customer service skills.

And finally. Do not Give up!

Applying for your first job in hospitality can be difficult, you might do not get an interview or a position as fast as you expected. But it is no indication that you should give up; be persistent, the first job can be the hardest one to get!

Try to apply for jobs in person instead of online, go to the restaurants and ask to speak with the manager, present yourself and ask if there are any positions available.

If you do not get the job try to ask for a feedback from your interviewer, this way you can improve and find out why you were not chosen for the position.

Hold on and be persistent! We are 100% sure you are capable to get a job.