August 2, 2021

Linkedin for Students: Job hunting

Linkedin is categorized as a social media, but is a great tool for those looking to boost their professional profiles, network, look for a job and even undertake online training. So, if you are looking for a new job opportunity or simply to grow your net of professional contacts and upskilling, then you should read this note.

International students must know that creating a net of professional contacts is a powerful tool, if not the most powerful, to help them find their next professional opportunity in South Australia.

In fact, according to a study in 2019, there were 470,000 LinkedIn users aged 18-65+ living in South Australia. Only a year later, the number of SA users had already raised up to 530,000 (see Social Media AOK, South Australian Social Media Statistics – June 2020). Considering last SA census stats, then 50% of SA population is indeed a Linkedin user and the number seems to keep rising.

What are the benefits of being an active LinkedIn user?

Introduce yourself to the workforce

linkedin profile

Job hunters, recruiting agencies and hiring managers can find your profile. At the same time, it will allow you to network with colleagues, classmates, friends, and professionals.

To set up your profile, do not forget:

  • A professional profile picture. The more or less casual should actually depend on the nature of your profession.
  • A cover image. Use this area to transmit who you are as a professional and as a human. Using a quote or a piece of your work (if you are into design) could be useful.
  • Set up your current location so that recruiters and employers can reach you about relevant jobs. If you are looking for a job on a different city/country/region, you can set it up on the “Jobs” section.
  • Use the “About” section to describe what you do and what your strengths are. This will help people who view your profile get a clearer impression of you.
  • Complete all your Resume at 100%. LinkedIn will automatically let you know what is missing and suggest you what kind of info to add. Include all your degrees, short courses, certifications, past and current jobs, and even volunteering and associations you form part of.
  • List your skills to show your strengths. You can then be endorsed by your contacts – this will lend your profile more credibility
  • List the languages you speak.
  • Ask your colleagues, past class mates or tutors, for reviews,



  • Each contact you make has the potential to help you.
  • You can get recommendations for a job or an internship.
  • You can also get advice for your studies and receive suggestions for other contacts that may be helpful.
  • Learn about the fields alumni are working in.
  •  Contact alumni to find out more about their fields and its career opportunities.
  • Write to alumni to find mentors for your studies and professional development.
  • Alumni can help you search for internships and jobs.

Look for a job

LinkedIn provides a free job posting platform that you can use to apply for different job opportunities. The perks?

  1. You can filter by keywords, type of job, city or country, salary, and more.
  2. You can activate notifications based on your filters! So you can save lots of time by asking LinkedIn to do part of the job for you. When a new job that matches your filters is added, you will receive a notification.
  3. The “easy apply” button is sometimes available and it allows you to easily apply for a job on the platform without needing to go through third parties sites.

Upskilling and training.

Lastly, with LinkedIn you can benefit from lots of eLearning trainings at LinkedIn Learning. You can access it both online and offline via any device. So you can study whenever you want, however you want and at a speed that suits you.

And the best? Once your profile is complete, this leaning platform will automatically offer you the courses that best match your skills and professional experiences. Is like having a personal a career advisor on your PC or mobile!


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