January 21, 2021

Working in Regional Australia

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, a 61.8% of Australian population is employed. In South Australia the numbers are quite close to the national figures, 58.6% of SA’s population is employed.

A further analysis of the jobs advertised by January 2021 shows that an average of 5% of the ads published in two of the most popular job search platforms are actually offered in South Australia. Does this mean that people living in developed regions, such as NSW, will have better chances to find a job? Well the answer is NOT NECESSARILY. 

Let us show you why

First of all, when we are looking for a job we have to remember that we are a product. And our products are different one from each other, as well as our ability to sell it. So wherever I’m looking for a job, if my product is more suitable to fulfil a certain position and my selling skills are up to the point, I will probably have better chances to convert than my less qualified “contendersjob applicant“.

Second, it is evident that every region will offer more opportunities to certain industries simply because every region’s economy might be sustained by the profits of a different industry. i.e. the Iron Ore Mining industry has been one of the top profitable markets in Australia for several years now, and the region contributing the most to its profits is WA. It is then expectable to find the largest amount of job opportunities in the Mining, Resources and Energy field within WA.

Third, while bigger cities usually offer a larger amount of job opportunities, they are also more populated. And how does this affect my chances to find a job? Well you are simply running a race against a larger amount of runners.

And lastly, Regional areas offer an opportunity that no city can equate: those are IN DEVELOPMENT. And what does it mean for us, job seekers? More opportunities !! Buildings are being constructed and labourers are in high demand. Where buildings rise, businesses rise: restaurants, take away and fast food businesses, hotels, etc. And guess what? Where Hotels and Food rise, Entertainment and Tourism industry grows !!

Chefs, cooks, front of house attendants, room attendants, cleaners, constructions labourers, traffic controllers, hotel managers, carpenters, painters and gardeners… they all become a wanted resource. Trust me.

Nonetheless, finding a job involves lots of variables. Some of them manageable but many of them, out of our control.

For this reason, it is very important to understand which are all of those aspects that we can work on (such as our Resume, Cover Letter, physical appearance when on an interview, the job hunting tools we are using, our qualifications, the way we network, and much more).

Once we are clear about those aspects, it is time to work on making the best of them and never lose the track.

What do you think about this article?

Have you found any differences when looking for a job in different regions of Australia?