February 8, 2021

Short courses & employability

Most international students in Australia opt to take advantage of their Working Rights in order to support their living and other expenses during their temporary stay in this country.

Usually, international students engage with the Hospitality industry as a first job in Australia performing as Waiter/tresses, Kitchen hand, Baristas or Bartenders. Another widespread industry between the students are the commercial and personal services, such as commercial cleaning, housekeeping and room attendance.

A fact is that for many international students, it could be the first time they will be engaging in those industries. Be it because it is their very first job ever, or because they have experience in a different industry; but anxiety, doubts and lack of skills are common feelings you can experience while facing your first job in Australia.

But we don’t want you to panic! There are few things you can do to get ready for your first job experience in this wonderful country,

  1. Attend as much interviews as you can: this will help with anxiety and help you get ready to succeed in that job you are looking for.
  2. Ask for experiences: Talk to your housemates, classmates or friends and let them tell you how did they manage to find their jobs and what did they learn from it.
  3. Prepare yourself ! Many Registered Training Organizations (RTO) in Australia, offer short courses that help you increase your skills, learn the basics of a particular industry and most of all, give you the required Certificate to perform at a particular job.

These are the Short Courses we recommend you to attend in order to increase your employability,

Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA)


You should know that in order to be legally allowed to work and serve alcohol in a licenced venue in Australia, you MUST have a valid RSA certificate.  In this course you will learn how to sell or serve alcohol responsibly, assist customers to drink within appropriate limits, communication strategies to refuse the supply of alcohol and  understand the current RSA legislation in your region.

This course is a one-day workshop, delivered face to face for International Students.

Contact us to enquire when is the next Intake and to pay a discounted price only available for Expert Education students. 


Barista or Coffee Making

It is not mandatory to hold a certificate of completion in order to work in Australia preparing coffee. Still, it is highly advised to attend a one day session in order to learn the basics. This short course will generally teach you what kind of coffees are available in Australia and how to prepare them, but it will also teachbarista you how to use the professional expresso machine, some Health & Hygiene basics, as well as Customer service. This course will definitely prepare you for that Trial coming ahead!! 

This course can be delivered as a one-day workshop or in several days. At Expert Education and Visa Services Adelaide we aim to support our clients & friends though all aspects of their stay in Australia. For this reason, we are now conducting a FREE BARISTA WORKSHOP in partnership with ILSC . 

Contact us to enquire when is the next Intake.


Food and Beverage

food & beverage courseWith this qualification you will learn how to prepare for a F&B service, general customer service, how to take and process orders, serve (and clear) food and drinks, and complete end of shift duties. This course is specially advised for all those looking for a job in a Front of House position, such as waitress/waiter in a Restaurant or Events. It will definitely help you liberate of those nerves of being your first time in the industry and will provide you with great tips to impress your boss!

This short course is delivered in several days, usually 5 and face to face for International Students.

Contact us to enquire when is the next Intake.


Remember that as a Student Visa (500) holder, it is your obligation to meet all visa conditions and follow Australian laws. Any course undertaken by a student visa holder must be registered on CRICOS.

If you have any other inquiry regarding Short Courses, please feel free to CONTACT US now.