Rupak Bartaula

Director (MARN 2117634)

  • Certificates
    MARN 2117634

Rupak is the General Manager at the Adelaide office. His skills acquired through studies of Migration Law from the Australian National University and a Bachelor’s in Accounting at CQU, plus several years of experience in Business Development, makes him a multifaceted and knowledgeable leader responsible for managing a team of eighteen professionals.

During his early years as a young professional in Australia, Rupak gathered significant knowledge working as an accountant in Sydney while he learnt about Australian Small and Medium businesses.

He then officially joined the Education and Migration industry in 2014. Thanks to the highly professional team in the network, he has grown into a true professional.

Expert Education and Visa Services brought him a number of opportunities in forms of challenges which he has enjoyed embracing. Expanding the business into Adelaide, South Australia was definitely the biggest challenge that was thrown at him.

From a team of two in May 2015 to a team of nineteen in 2020, there has been a significant amount of learning which he has certainly enjoyed thoroughly.