Saroj Shrestha

Student Visa officer

Saroj comes from Kathmandu, Nepal. Saroj has a demonstrated history of working and living experience in Australia for more than 7 years. With his abundance of working encounters, he generally can communicate without much of a stretch with clients from various countries and cultural backgrounds. Therefore, Saroj can guide you through the entire process which can often understand the needs and difficulties of international students.
As a student visa officer of Expert Education, he uses all his knowledge, resources, and experience to forge a practical and rewarding direction for every international student. He is a passionate and tenacious professional offering person-centered practice for a successful pathway of every student’s educational journey. Saroj is very patient in consulting with clients with his friendly nature. He has a rigorous working attitude, and consistently treats each consultation and each application carefully, additionally he appreciates every opportunity to provide excellent services to clients.  In this way, he has gotten various recommendations and praises from clients.